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Okoa services lets you digitize your access to goods and services.

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Our services

Okoa Shopping

Okoa Shopping is a service that ensures users access consumer goods in retail outlets.

Okoa Bills

Okoa Bills ensures constant access to bill payments such as power, rent, water, internet bills to name a few.

Okoa Kilimo

Okoa Kilimo is a service that ensures farmers access farming products and services.

Okoa School Fees

Okoa School fee is a service that ensures access credit on school fees in high schools.

Okoa Afya

Okoa Afya ensures access to healthcare and provide access to affordable medical care/treatment.

Okoa Salon

Okoa Salon is a service that ensures access lifestyle services .

Why use Okoa Services?

Simple, Convenient & Dependable

  • Simple set-up - You can create an account and access goods and services on credit at the tap of a button.
  • Convenience - Let us offer you a suitable, easy and efficient way to access goods and services.
  • 24/7 expertise advice - Our team is ready and available to answer your questions, offer advice and support every step of the way

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